optimising systems for perfections

MORETEC is out there on the jobsite learning what works and what doesn’t so we can make it all work for the professional. Every innovation we make is driven by a desire for performance, ease of use or productivity. We change a tool because the change fits the need of the professional using it, not just for the sake of change.

INNOVATION THAT MATTERS -Innovation designed for the user

With ideas to success!

High innovation power as well as the exact alignment of our products with our customers' needs has led us to being the world market leader in portable electric power tools and power tools accessories.

With your help we can continue to develop products that fulfill exactly the needs you have. You as a customer know best what you're missing and which applications should be revised or optimized.

  • You have a solution for dust avoidance?
  • You have an innovative concept for vibration absorption?
  • You would like to present us a completely new power tool or a suggestion for improving one of our existing products?

Whatever it may be - submit your concepts for innovative applications, products or technologies to us. Our power tool innovation team will check your idea and contact you. Of course you will keep all your legal rights in your idea during the review process.

We are looking forward to your innovative ideas!