Moretec Tools Proudly presents the range of High Quality Innovative Professional Power Tools Solutions.

Moretec Tools, for the humans race has been the backbone of its civilization. Tools have always played a pivotal role in the advancement of mankind. It is evident from the history of the prehistoric man, they experimented and invented handmade tools to make their lives easier. Times changed and tools etched an important place for themselves in the life of mankind. Tools impacted the day-to-day life of human in more ways than one. Life today is not just about survival, but a constant process of continuous evolvement. It is eminent that we understand the vital role of tools in the life of human beings.

Moretec has successfully launched various tools that have become the lifeline of present day lives. From 1930 Moretec with an ever-growing presence in the market has been constantly engaged in making power tools available to the world. Our R&D team is engaged in constant upgradation of existing products and also developing new tools to facilitate the ever-growing needs. Every tool passes through numerous stringent quality tests to ensure client satisfaction.

Moretec, lays emphasis on features like low noise operation, high performance, high durability, user friendly, easy to repair, reasonable price and above all sturdy and long lasting for their products. Moretec Tools through its products considers it a priority to deliver high quality service, enabled by excellent market insight and advanced production and testing equipment.


  • The company has been engaged in the Power Tools venture for more than eight decades.
  • The first enterprise, Moretec Power Tools became popular and gained brand recognition in a short span of time through the sheer quality of the products delivered.
  • In the year 2006, the company launched another series of Power Tools which are known for their innovative designs and user-friendly functionality & Pro series of Cordless Power Tools.
  • Recently Moretec introduced the new series of Power Tools for industrial use. This reflects the efforts of the R&D team at Moretec, which is completely in sync with the changing times and market requirements. These products are in increasing demand and growing in popularity with each passing day.

The road to success may be long, but the destination is within sight Moretec’s operation policy is based on Humane Technology and Scientific Management, constantly improving on their quality of products delivered to ensure customer satisfaction.